A seemingly abandoned warehouse off the docks, holds a door propped up with a box. Inside a myriad of twisting, turning corridors and beckoning arrows draw me deeper in. Places like last night are exactly what I love about Berlin.

I ask my friend what this is all about, he doesn’t respond. I prepare for all levels from crazy sex orgy to kitty chill. 17:17 the party begins, so the event says. In reality, it was a Berlin party, and began much later than that. I mingle with the organizers and get more of feel for the place.

Mike and Nadja arrive, and say over and over how glad they are that I am back in Berlin. I really feel welcome. 

This warehouse party was sectioned into two rooms, one more industrial with a few couches, fold up tables and old armchairs. The other a lofted, long fuzzy carpeted nest. Mason jars lids line the loft wood, bolted in with filled jars screwed on in all the nick knack glory. We begin the party in a guided Shivasana. Then music, dancing, the love showers begin. 

Blindly, I am led through a tunnel of fellow party goers who gently caress my skin with fingers feathers, chains, and toy cars. A powerfully thrumming object is held fast to my collarbone’s center and I wonder if I am not feeling the frequency of the music around me. As my blindfold becomes untied a voice whispers “Now, greet your greatest friend in the whole world” releasing my eyes to see now full of love, me, looking back at me. 

Next we move on and mingle. 

The music drives me, and my feet begin to dance. 

Time passes until the evenings prizes are drawn. I win. I win the right took take all my clothes of first. Here it comes I think. I participate, generally ok with almost anything, and trusting enough of the group to respect any boundaries that my arise. I am led to a massage table now setup in the middle of the crowd. I am lain facedown and covered with a sheet. Then hands from all directions begin massaging hot oil onto me. On my arms, my shoulders, my legs, my feet, simultaneously. I find myself both lost in the sensation and the pounding music of the dance floor. 

 I am gently rolled over and my feet are placed on the bare hips that tug and rock my lower body gently to the beat. The exoticness begins to gain membership, and I consider briefly to try to control my exposed self. However, I felt it would be an insult and just let it be as it wanted to be. At one point my eyes do flutter open I am surrounded by women with flower crowns looking down at me lovingly. It felt as if I had been transported into the world of the Faye and I would never cross again the mortal plane. However, gently the dream does end, and I slowly tried to recollect myself into my body. Yet again, I am surrounded, not only by the beautiful flowers, but open eyes greet the entire party enraptured by the experience. Where can you experience a thing like this?, I think. In Berlin

I return to my normal repayment self, hoping to give in the next round of massages when my body rebels, My legs are weak and shaky as if were to just had a powerful orgasm. [There were no orgasm, nor was this experience particularly sexual despite everything]. 


Vielen Dank Andrew für das Teilen Deines Erlebens der E.i.S. Party am 19.01.19 – „das Leben es Linda“